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Reflexology  is based on the principal that there are reflex zones in the feet which are linked by energy pathways to corresponding parts of the body and when pressure is applied it can stimulate movement of energy along those pathways. Since the body is constantly working to heal itself to maintain balance in order for the systems and organs to work effectively, any  blockages (energy) that occur, caused by stress, injury or dis-ease in one part cause the rest of the body to over compensate and work harder to try and achieve balance. This may eventually cause further problems. The earliest records and the oldest documentation of Refllexology have been found in Kemet (Egypt) in picture form on the walls of Ankhmahor’s tomb, it can also be found on papyrus showing medical practitioners treating patients hands & feet in 2500BC.

As a Reflexologist  looking at your feet tells me alot about you, but actually working on them tells me about the condition of your health & well being.

Here are some of what your feet tell me about you:

Skin– just like the rest of the body the skin is a tell tale sign of the condition your blood(immune sysytem) is in. Blotchy,rough skin indicates a toxic environment.

Curled toes (hammer toes)= high consumption of acidic foods, inflammation, being acidic makes you tight. Many scholars of microbiotics attribute this to your  ancestry eating too much meat, those whose ancestors ate a more plant based diet tend to have flatter toes and not such high arches.

Colour– discoloration can indicate so many issues. Red tones= expanding capillaries, heart and circulatory system is over worked, maybe due to excessive consumption of foods/drinks that over stimulate the body e.g caffeine, simple sugars, alcohol, sodas, drugs, medication. Purplish tones= often progression from the above condition, if the diet remains unchanged this can indicate a serious problem since circulation is compromised. Breathing and heart trouble is often seen in this condition. Yellow= people who smoke or binge drink will often display a yellow tint, or those who consume high fat foods this shows that the liver is struggling to maintain balance. Dark yellow to orange= often heavy drinkers/smokers or drug users, serious detox is required. Green tint=indicates sluggish spleen and lymph functions due to accumulation of fat and congestion around certain organs. Very pale colour= could mean weakness in blood, blood flow problems, hardening of arteries from excessive sugar consumption. Often these people are fatigued.

Flexibility signifies strength as well as good health and healthy attitude. Stiff feet could be a sign of hardening of the arteries and a diet high in saturated fats.


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So you see the soles of your feet could very well be the Sole-ution to your wellbeing. Everything about us is a direct result of what our daily nutritional intake is. No matter what we consume, our bodies will continue to give us clues as to what is happening within. All of these little aches and pains we get mean something so don’t  just ignore them.

Our ancestors knew the benefits & scientific roots of this healing tradition and were kind enough to leave it behind for us, they were renowned through out the world for their medical expertise and their work, we should take note and pay attention to it!



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