Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition therapy is a key prevention strategy for many common health problems it focuses on providing the necessary nutrients to the body to support life, health and growth. Conditions such as weight management, digestive health, IBS, PMS, skin issues, allergies hormonal imbalance can be prevented, managed and improved with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Initial consultationThis includes an assessment of your questionnaire and food diary completed by you prior to our first meeting.

Follow up consultationAssess progress and make any adjustments needed

Step 1

Call 07810251710 to discuss your needs or make an appointment.

Step 2

Once an appointment has been made you will need to complete a questionnaire and a 3-5 day food diary depending on individual case. This can be emailed or posted to you and should be returned before your initial visit. This allows for your health concerns, diet and medical history to be reviewed before we meet.

Step 3

During the initial consultation which usually lasts 1 hour we will discuss your completed questionnaire and food diary as well as analyse and discuss your meal/snack patterns, adequacy of intake and food /nutrient intolerances. Your medication/supplement usage and medical/surgical history will also be reviewed.
Dietary recommendations will be given during your visit. A food programme and carefully selected supplements may be recommended if considered necessary other recommendation may include handouts, articles and recipes. Together we will ensure that goals are practical, sustainable and realistic.

Step 4

A follow up appointment is recommended after 4-6 weeks to review progress and and make any adjustments. Usually from one to three follow ups are required depending on individual case.

Skype consultations are available. Concession rates available for those in receipt of benefits and students.

* A deposit of £25 will be taken on confirmation of your appointment and the balance is required on the day.



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